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    [Frequencies of Y chromosome binary haplogroups in Belarussians]

    Reference Type: Journal Article

    Record Number: 165

    Author: V. N. Khar'kov, V. A. Stepanov, S. P. Feshchenko, S. A. Borinskaia, N. K. Iankovskii and V. P. Puzyrev

    Year: 2005

    Title: [Frequencies of Y chromosome binary haplogroups in Belarussians]

    Journal: Genetika

    Volume: 41

    Issue: 8

    Pages: 1132-6

    Epub Date: 2005/09/16

    Date: Aug

    Short Title: [Frequencies of Y chromosome binary haplogroups in Belarussians]

    ISSN: 0016-6758 (Print)

    Accession Number: 16161635

    Keywords: Byelarus, Chromosomes, Human, Y/*genetics, Gene Frequency/*genetics, Genetic Variation/*genetics, Genotype, Humans, Male,

    Abstract: The compositions and frequencies of Y-chromosome haplogroups identified by genotyping 23 biallelic loci of its nonrecombining region (YAP, 92R7, DYF155S2, 12f2, Tat, M9, M17, M25, M89, M124, M130, M170, M172, M174, M173, M178, M201, M207, M242, M269, P21, P25, and P37) have been determined in a sample of 68 Belarussians. Eleven haplogroups have been found in the Belarussian gene pool (E, F*, G, I, I1b, J2, N3a*, Q*, R1*, R1a1, and R1b3). Haplogroup R1a1 is the most frequent; it includes 46% of all Y chromosomes in this sample. The frequencies of haplogroups I1b and I are 17.6 and 7.3%, respectively. Haplogroup N3a* is the next in frequency. The frequencies of haplogroups E, J2, and R1b3 are 4.4% each; that of R1* is 3%; and those of F*, G, and Q* are 1.5% each.

    Notes: Khar'kov, V N, Stepanov, V A, Feshchenko, S P, Borinskaia, S A, Iankovskii, N K, Puzyrev, V P, English Abstract, Russia (Federation), Genetika, Genetika. 2005 Aug;41(8):1132-6.,

    Language: rus