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    16 Y chromosomal STR haplotypes in Japanese

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    Reference Type: Journal Article

    Record Number: 94

    Author: N. Mizuno, H. Nakahara, K. Sekiguchi, K. Yoshida, M. Nakano and K. Kasai

    Year: 2008

    Title: 16 Y chromosomal STR haplotypes in Japanese

    Journal: Forensic Sci Int

    Volume: 174

    Issue: 1

    Pages: 71-6

    Epub Date: 2007/03/14

    Date: Jan 15

    Short Title: 16 Y chromosomal STR haplotypes in Japanese

    ISSN: 1872-6283 (Electronic)

    DOI: S0379-0738(07)00095-3 [pii], 10.1016/j.forsciint.2007.01.032,

    Accession Number: 17350780

    Keywords: Asian Continental Ancestry Group/genetics, *Chromosomes, Human, Y, DNA Fingerprinting, Female, Genetic Markers, *Genetics, Population, *Haplotypes, Humans, Japan, Male, Polymerase Chain Reaction, *Tandem Repeat Sequences,

    Abstract: A total of 1079 Japanese males were typed for the following 16 Y chromosomal short tandem repeat (Y-STR) markers: DYS456, DYS389I, DYS390, DYS389II, DYS458, DYS19, DYS385, DYS393, DYS391, DYS439, DYS635, DYS392, Y GATA H4, DYS437, DYS438 and DYS448 using an AmpFlSTR(R) Yfiler PCR Amplification kit (Applied Biosystems). A total of 950 haplotypes for the 16 Y-STR markers were detected and, of these, 886 haplotypes were unique. The most frequent haplotype was found in 22 Japanese males. The haplotype diversity was 0.9992, indicating a high potential for differentiating between male individuals. There were 10 haplotypes with no allele detected at the DYS448 marker. Thus, the presence of such atypical haplotypes should be noted, when DNA typing results obtained from degraded DNA samples and/or DNA mixture samples from more than one male individual are being interpreted.

    Notes: Mizuno, Natsuko, Nakahara, Hiroaki, Sekiguchi, Kazumasa, Yoshida, Kanako, Nakano, Minoru, Kasai, Kentaro, Ireland, Forensic science international, Forensic Sci Int. 2008 Jan 15;174(1):71-6. Epub 2007 Mar 12.,

    Author Address: Fourth Biology Section, Department of First Forensic Science, National Research Institute of Police Science, 6-3-1, Kashiwanoha, Kashiwa, Chiba 277-0882, Japan. mizuno@nrips.go.jp

    Language: eng