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    Genetic evidence for the Mongolian ancestry of Kalmyks

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    Reference Type: Journal Article

    Record Number: 103

    Author: I. Nasidze, D. Quinque, I. Dupanloup, R. Cordaux, L. Kokshunova and M. Stoneking

    Year: 2005

    Title: Genetic evidence for the Mongolian ancestry of Kalmyks

    Journal: Am J Phys Anthropol

    Volume: 128

    Issue: 4

    Pages: 846-54

    Epub Date: 2005/07/20

    Date: Dec

    Short Title: Genetic evidence for the Mongolian ancestry of Kalmyks

    ISSN: 0002-9483 (Print)

    DOI: 10.1002/ajpa.20159,

    Accession Number: 16028228

    Keywords: Asian Continental Ancestry Group/ethnology/*genetics/*history, Chromosomes, Human, Y/genetics, DNA, Mitochondrial/genetics, Emigration and Immigration/*history, Genetic Variation/*genetics, Genetics, Population/methods, Haplotypes/genetics, History, 16th Century, History, 17th Century, Humans, Male, Mongolia/ethnology, Russia/epidemiology,

    Abstract: The Kalmyks are an ethnic group along the lower Volga River in Russia who are thought to have migrated there from Mongolia about 300 years ago. To investigate their origins, we studied mtDNA and Y-chromosome variation in 99 Kalmyks. Both mtDNA HV1 sequences and Y-chromosome SNP haplogroups indicate a close relationship of Kalmyks with Mongolians. In addition, genetic diversity for both mtDNA and the Y chromosome are comparable in Kalmyks, Mongolians, and other Central Asian groups, indicating that the Kalmyk migration was not associated with a substantial bottleneck. The so-called "Genghis Khan" Y-chromosome short tandem repeat (STR) haplotype was found in high frequency (31.3%) among Kalmyks, further supporting a strong genetic connection between Kalmyks and Mongolians. Genetic analyses of even recent, relatively well-documented migrations such as of the Kalmyks can therefore lead to new insights concerning such migrations.

    Notes: Nasidze, Ivan, Quinque, Dominique, Dupanloup, Isabelle, Cordaux, Richard, Kokshunova, Lyudmila, Stoneking, Mark, Historical Article, Research Support, Non-U.S. Gov't, United States, American journal of physical anthropology, Am J Phys Anthropol. 2005 Dec;128(4):846-54.,

    Author Address: Department of Evolutionary Genetics, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, D-04103 Leipzig, Germany. nasidze@eva.mpg.de

    Language: eng